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Clay Bond Plus No-Solder Bond is the easy way to join metal clay, silver, bronze, copper and brass pieces! You don't need to use a open flamed torch or solder.

Use it to close jump rings, to add ear posts, cufflinks, or other findings to your jewellery designs. Repair broken jewellery, apply decorations to ring cores, ring blanks, and bangles.

Clay Bond™ is a silver-containing powder which you mix with water to turn into a paste. The paste is used to join flat pieces of silver (Art Clay, PMC, sterling silver, fine silver, Argentium Silver), bronze, copper, and brass pieces - in any combination. It works great whether they started out as clay or "traditional" milled sheet metal.

It is the ideal product if you want a professional high-quality strong join for your jewellery design (i.e. don't want to use glue!) on your silver jewellery pieces, but don't want to learn how to solder, or don't like using a torch.

The ClayBond powder turns into a paste when you add water. You just mix up as much as you need and apply it to the pieces you want to join, using a brush with short stiff bristles.

When dry, fire the piece in a kiln embedded in activated carbon. The result is a strong joint between your metal pieces.

The Firing Tin which comes with carbon is perfect for firing your ClayBond. If you are using a Mini Kiln the tin will not fit, instead use the No Flake Firing Foil to make your own small box.

The Clay Bond fires at 350°C-450°C in just 10-15 minutes (varies depending on what you fire).

Due to the QUICK firing time, and the LOW TEMPERATURE needed, it is ideal for avoiding fire scale on sterling silver.

Clay-Bond Plus can also be torch fired. Heat the cemented and dried pieces quickly in air until the solder flows. Do not overheat to minimise oxidation of your pieces. 

For the best results, try to allow as much surface contact as possible between the two pieces - the bigger the surface, the more there is to bond. 

The binder contained in Clay-Bond dries quickly and then "glues the pieces in place" (which normal solder doesn't!), so you also don't need to worry so much about holding the pieces in position - once applied and dried it will stay pretty put! But please handle it carefully until fired as the join is delicate before firing.

Each jar contains 5 grams of powder.

*Please note - this product is not suitable if you wish to hallmark your piece at the Assay Office, as the silver content is lower than the 650 parts minimum required for hallmarking*

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No solder? No problem!

Written by undefined on 26th Aug 2015

Absolutely love this product! I don't solder, I'm just pretty rubbish at it and it never looks good enough. But I needed a way of securing my jump rings and securing my silver clay pieces to cufflink findings. Works perfectly and so easy to use when torch firing aswell. Highly recommend

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