Foredom Brushless Micromotor Kit - 2.35mm Handpiece NEW!

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Foredom Brushless Micromotor Kit with 2.35mm Handpiece

This is one of Foredom's top of the range micro motor kits. It is a high torque and high speed micromotor. It has a dual port so can take two handpieces, and comes with a Rotary Brushless handpiece with a 
2.35mm (3/32″) Collet. A top speed of 50,000 RPM gives you a fast and smooth cut.

No matter what speed you run it at, this unit is virtually noise and vibration free. Set the speed you want and use the foot pedal for turning the motor on and off - ideal for when you are using burrs that need a slower speed (like the Typhoon burrs for instance). Control the speed and your tools last longer!

The simple cord connection between the handpiece motor and control box is a great advantage. The handpiece is very comfortable in the hand, and the cord means much less strain when being used for longer periods. Compared to a normal flexshaft you get a lot less 'drag' and don't have the same general restriction in manoeuvrability; micromotors offer much greater freedom of movement.

The totally sealed handpiece units keep dust and dirt out so they last longer.

Brushless rotary handpiece connects to port in the back of the control box. It runs virtually vibration free with high torque throughout the entire speed range of 1,000-50,000 rpm. See additional specs below.

Product Features

  • Control box with digital display, variable speed foot pedal, 2 handpiece cradles, and an extra fuse also included. See additional specs below.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty Brushless motor design carbon brushes NEVER need changing
  • Maximum Torque or Watts Output 10 oz. in or 70mNm or 230W.
  • Powerful even at minimum speeds
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust, noise, and vibration
  • Comes with an additional port for connecting an optional second handpiece

This brushless micromotor is ideal for various applications at high, medium and low speed.

High Speed Applications

Running at high speed, it provides smooth, clean, and sharp detailing in metal and wood. It’s also great for bright-cutting, grinding, finishing, texturing, and polishing. You never need to changes the brushes on this handpiece.

Medium Speed Applications

At medium speeds it is ideal for effortless and fast stock removal in wood, diestone, or acrylics.

Low Speed Applications

The low end offers extra control and power for stone setting and milling.  

HP4-817-2 (230V) Control Box and Front Panel LED

  • 50/60 Hz, 100VA
  • 5.4″ wide, 9.1″ deep, 7″ high
  • Dial speed control sets precise speed and torque
  • Settings available: Auto cruise, Forward or Reverse rotation, Dial or Foot speed control
  • Digital display for precise speed and torque settings
  • Built in overload protection
  • Two ports for handpieces:
    • Brushless micromotor handpiece connects to port on back side of control box
    • Brush type handpiece connects to port in front.

H.MH-150 Brushless Handpiece/Motor

  • Ergonomic and brushless with long-lasting ceramic ball bearings
  • Burr changes are quick and easy with a simple twist of the front section of the Handpiece
  • Comes with a 2.35mm (3/32″) collet installed
  • 6.3″ long, 1.06″ motor diameter
  • 19mm (0.75)″ grip diameter
  • 238gm (8.4 oz)

HP7-7060 Foot Speed Control

  • Variable speed foot control, varies speed from 1,000 – 50,000 RPM
  • Plugs in to port on back of control box  
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