Metal Clay

Art Clay Silver Clay (ACS), Art Clay Copper, and Gold Clay, made by Aida Corporation, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), made by Mitsubishi Materials are the two original brands from Japan. BronzClay and CopprClay are made by Bill Struve's Metal Adventures in the USA. These are the different brands of metal clays on the market. Collectively these products are often referred to as metal clay, precious clay, or silver clay.

They're all products made from extremely fine particles of metal, mixed with organic binders and water.

Art Clay and PMC are two different brands of silver and gold clay. There are minor differences between the two products, and some people have their own preferences - a bit like the two well-known brands of cola drinks! After firing, they both give you exactly the same result: fine silver. We supply Art Clay and all of the Metal Adventures base metal clays.